I’m involved in several outreach programs. In particular, I am passionate about increasing awareness and support for LGBT+ scientists. I am a proud biromantic asexual (a true space ace) and am working to make UChicago a better place for queer students.

UChicago Plus

During the pandemic, I created a messaging group aimed at queer UChicago students to make connections during lockdown. The group has now grown into UChicago Plus, a recognized student group (QGroup) under the Center for Identity & Inclusion, with approximately 220 members.


I have mentored five students through the Women in Physics Mentorship Program and the graduate student mentorship program run by the Physical Sciences Division’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office. Mentorship involved checking on students, giving advice on academic progress and career path, as well as resources and support for coming out in the workplace.

LGBT in STEM Recognition Events

I’ve participated in several events that shined a light on LGBT+ scientists.

Out in STEM

Hosted by the Physical Sciences Division’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office, I gave a brief interview and discussed my experiences as a queer scientist and was highlighted along with other LGBT and ally colleagues.

International LGBT+ in STEM Day, 2018

While doing my Masters at Cardiff University, I organized an event celebrating International LGBT+ in STEM Day. I coordinated with Enfys, the Cardiff University’s LGBT network, to secure funding and location to host a 50-person event. I also invited two speakers to come and discuss their experiences in the LGBT community.

Pride 2022 My dog and I at the Chicago Pride Parade in June 2022, where we marched with the University of Chicago.